Oltrepò Pavese DOC Riesling


Still white wine

Riesling is one of my favourite grapes. Wines made from this grape show a semi-aromatic character, a bright acidity and a surprising aging potential: they are complex yet easy to drink. My version, smooth and crisp, can be enjoyed young or even after some years. I dedicate my Riesling to my great-grandmother Ida, whose dowry were the vineyards that give birth to this wine.

Giulio Fiamberti


Riesling Italico



Tasting notes

Straw-yellow colour; yellow fruits, wild herbs and mineral notes on he nose; medium-bodied, elegant and sapid on palate.


Excellent as a pre-meal drink, it pairs perfectly with fish (especially shellfish), white meat and goat’s milk cheese.
To be served at 10 °C.