Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Nero vinificato in bianco DOC

Il Cavaliere

Semi-sparkling white wine

Pinot Noir is a multi-faceted grape that can be used for the production of noble red wines as well as fresh white wines, not to mention the great Blanc de Noir sparkling wines.

This semi-sparkling white is an easy-to-drink wine, but retains the structure of Pinot Noir. Just like this wine, my grandfather Giuseppe, known as “il Cavaliere” (“Cavaliere” is an Italian honorific for merit of labour) and nicknamed “Pippo” by everybody, had a multi-faceted character: he had a strong personality, but he was also cheerful and easygoing. That’s why this wine is dedicated to him.


Pinot Noir (100%)



Tasting notes

Straw yellow colour; the nose offers fresh aromas of white flowers and white fruits; crisp, sapid and pleasantly pétillant on palate.


Excellent as a pre-meal drink, it pairs very well with delicate vegetable and seafood dishes.
Perfect with fried foods.
To be served at 10 °C.