Buttafuoco Storico
Vigna Sacca del Prete

Oaked still red wine with long ageing potential

An ambitious single-vineyard red wine from the traditional joint vinfication of four indigenous grapes. The Sacca del Prete vineyard benefits from favorable and peculiar growing conditions (orientation, soil type, slope and microclimate). Our winery is member of the Buttafuoco Storico Club, an association that promote the appreciation of this traditional Oltrepò Pavese wine: only wines that achieve a minimum score of 80 out of 100 assigned from the Club technical commission can be bottled in the special branded bottle of the Club. The commission uses the tasting sheet of the International Union of Oenologists.


Croatina (60%)
Barbera (30%)
Ughetta di Canneto (5%)
Uva Rara (5%)


30 months in oak
12 months in the bottle

Tasting notes

Intense ruby red colour; complex bouquet with aromas of alcohol-soaked red fruits, spices, coffee and balsamic overtones; warm and full bodied on palate.


Great with game, grilled, roasted or stewed red meat. Perfect with mixed boiled meats. Try it also with medium-ripe cheese.
To be served at 18 °C.